Trial Results - John Wayne Airport, Q4 2017

Our Advanced Tree Health Regeneration System promotes plant & root health and mitigates harmful stress. A natural micronutrient supplement,IoGreenTM assists in plant protection and growth . It also promotes vigor from the foliage to the root system and Increases root depth and density. The use of Iodine on plants stimulates the synthesis of cellulose and the lignification of stem tissue, increases concentration of ascorbic acid and the amount of total free amino acids, and increases salt tolerance by facilitating a lower chlorine uptake. In aggregate, these factors result in improved turf appearance and durability. 

When rehabilitating trees, we follow the use of IoGreenTM With PureGrow worm casting soil regeneration super plant food. PureGrow provides water retention and organic nourishment for plants, which causes vigorous plant growth.

Benefits Include:

  • 100% non-toxic and contains no known carcinogens
  • No re-entry period required after application
  • pH neutral and can be safely mixed with other nutrients
  • No detectable residue after foliar treatment