IoGreen Aqueous Iodine can help optimize poultry operations with measurable improvements in operational efficiency, overall farm sustainability, safety and quality. We help broiler and egg producers improve cleaning and sanitization, prevent the spread of disease, reduce mortality rates, and improve animal health. 

Benefits Include:

  • Broad spectrum control of viruses and bacteria, including avian flu and salmonella - 8x as effective as Chlorine as similar concentrations
  • Improved feed conversion rates
  • Reduced corrosion - 4x less corrosive than Chlorine
  • Safe - Non toxic and non carcinogenic
  • EPA Reg. 91282-2

EPA Approved Uses I2OMAX Benefits
Animal drinking water disinfection IoMax water disinfection systems have resulted in improved milk production, and higher water/feed intake due to improved gut health
Egg shell wash IoMax helps prevent contamination and the spread of disease through egg shell movement
Equipment and facility disinfection IoMax sanitizers eliminate factors that can cause infection, interfere with the action of cleaning chemicals and lead to bacterial colonization of equipment and farm premises
Odor Control IoMax destroys many odors as it sanitizes and disinfects, enhancing the quality and safety of the work environment