Clarion's iSAN® System for Post Harvest Fruit & Vegetable Washing has proven to be highly effective on bacteria and fungi in tests conducted by leading research laboratories and is being used by major fruit and vegetable growers and processors. Initially launched in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, growers and processors who have installed iSAN®systems are now reducing product breakdown, increasing shelf life and saving a great deal of time, effort and money. 

Benefits Include:

  • High kill rates on bacteria and fungi - 8x as effective as Chlorine as similar concentrations
  • Longer shelf life and less product loss for produce
  • Full Automation with Remote Monitoring with complete data logging of disinfection and fungicide levels for customers and auditors
  • Helps conform with increasingly stringent food safety regulations
  • Reduced corrosion - 4x less corrosive than Chlorine
  • No chlorine or fungicide residual by-products to recover and dispose of
  • Safe - Non toxic and non carcinogenic

*** EPA review in progress.

Microorganism Lab Tested IoGreen Efficacy @ 1 Minute Contact
Salmonella 99.9999999%
E Coli 99.9999999%
Sour Rot 99.999%
Listeria 99.9%
Green Mold 99.9%
Citrus Canker 99.5%
Anthracnose 99.5%

"The iSAN® technology is the most important breakthrough in post harvest sanitation in 20 years. The power, accuracy and real time control of the active BioMaxA® iodine is unsurpassed in the industry" 

Professor Joseph Montecalvo, Professor of Fruit and Vegetable Sanitation, California Polytechnic State University (Oct. 2003).