Clarion's IoGreen Aqueous Iodine has proven to be highly effective on bacteria, viruses and fungi in tests conducted by leading research laboratories on a wide variety of produce. In the US alone, major food recalls are a weekly occurrence, and food borne illness outbreaks at major restaurant chains continue to make headlines in the national press. Clarion offers safe, effective solutions for preventing food borne illness for multiple points within the supply chain.

Benefits Include:

  • High kill rates on bacteria and fungi - 8x as effective as Chlorine as similar concentrations
  • Longer shelf life and less product loss for produce
  • Full Automation with Remote Monitoring with complete data logging of disinfection and fungicide levels for customers and auditors
  • Helps conform with increasingly stringent food safety regulations
  • Reduced corrosion - 4x less corrosive than Chlorine
  • No chlorine or fungicide residual by-products to recover and dispose of
  • Safe - Non toxic and non carcinogenic

*** EPA review in progress.

US Food Safety Statistics

  • Number of food borne illnesses per year: 47.8 million
  • Number of hospitalizations per year: 130,000
  • Number of deaths per year: 3,500 
  • Top 2 pathogens causing these deaths:  salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes
  • Major recalls of fruit & vegetables in 2016: 37
  • 10%+ Increase in salmonella infections over the last 5 years

Sources - CDC, FDA, IEH Laboratories, Ohio State University

Microorganism Lab Tested IoGreen Efficacy @ 1 Minute Contact
Salmonella 99.9999999%
E Coli 99.9999999%
Listeria 99.9%

Produce Type Lab Tested IoGreen Efficacy, All Microorganisms @ 1 Minute Contact
Apple 99.2%
Avocado 99.2%
Lettuce 98.8%
Melon 90.1%
Nectarine 99.4%
Orange 98.9%
Peach 99.8%
Potato 99.6%
Strawberry 90.1%
Tomato 96.3%