Clarion Water Obtains Organic Registration from OMRI

Clarion Water is pleased to announce that, as of November 8, 2017, OMRI  has listed Clarion’s Aqueous Iodine products as  organic livestock management tools and production aids.

Aqueous Iodine is non-toxic at application levels and contains no known carcinogens. However it is extremely effective as a disinfectant and kills viruses, bacteria and protozoa at a rate 8x that of chlorine at similar doses. Thus, less can be used to achieve the same disinfection outcome.  It is also 4x less corrosive than chlorine at similar doses and thus causes less damage to equipment. 

We are pleased that OMRI has recognized the potential benefits of aqueous iodine to organic farming operations and we look forward to expanding registered use patterns in the future. 

Clarion Expands EPA Approval for Broad Uses in Agriculture

As part of an effort to achieve broader market penetration, Clarion recently completed the process of obtaining EPA registration for a significantly expanded set of use patterns. This marks the next step in a long commercialization process focused on expanding the approved set of uses of Aqueous iodine in the agriculture, livestock, industrial and waste management sectors.

Historically, Iodine has been limited to uses in the medical industry, primarily due to cost and dosing accuracy issues. However, Clarion’s iSAN delivery system addresses these limitations, making Iodine a viable alternative to chlorine in many applications.

The latest use patterns to be approved by the EPA include:

  • Agricultural Water Disinfection
  • Animal Drinking Water Disinfection
  • Animal Living Quarters & General Farm Premises Sanitation
  • Agricultural Equipment & Transport Vehicles Sanitation
  • Sanitizing of Food Grade Egg Shells
  • Sanitizing HVAC Units
  • Sanitizing Retort Cooling Water
  • Sanitizing Milking Equipment, Claw Systems & Teat Cups
  • Control of Odor in Agricultural, Industrial and Waste Applications

Clarion Obtains EPA Registration for Poultry Drinking Water Sanitation

EPA logoThe United States Environmental Protection Agency has approved Clarion’s aqueous iodine product, IoMax™ for sanitation of poultry drinking water.IoMax™ is highly effective in killing pathogenic micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa in water. IoMax™ is supplied through Clarion’s patented iSAN™ delivery system that doses aqueous iodine into water systems at an accuracy of up to +/- 0.5PPM.

IoMax™, delivered via iSAN™ was initially developed in Australia and has already been approved by the Australian health authorities for a diverse set of use patterns in the food production and processing industries. In poultry drinking water applications specifically, field experience has shown a strong correlation between the use of IoMax™ and improvements animal gut health, growth rates and mortality rates.

As the marketplace continues to move toward a preference for all-natural, antibiotic-free poultry products, control of pathogens increases in importance. Although Salmonella and Campylobacter spp. are the predominant pathogens associated with poultry, other pathogens also occur, including Clostridium perfringens, Escherichia coli 0157 and Listeria. 

“Effective and measurable control of pathogens in poultry operations is a priority for growers looking to protect their yields, especially in antibiotic free lines” said Tom Bercaw, President of Clarion Water. “Use of an iSAN™ system to deliver metered IoMax™ provides effective sanitation with full automation, data logging and remote monitoring capabilities.”

The active ingredient of IoMax™, free iodine, is well known for its efficacy as a broad spectrum biocide across a wide variety of industries and applications. Additionally, IoMax™ provides supplementation to the animal diet with low levels of iodine residue.

State registrations for IoMax™are still pending.